5 Signs You Are Dating Someone Who Is Not Over Their Ex

Lessons from living in an illusion, painted by his false promises.

Photo by Kei Scampa from Pexels

Relationships should feel like it’s flowing in its natural and uninterrupted course.

When you’re with someone who has someone else in their heart, though, it won’t. And instead may turn out somewhat like this:

#1. They Rush In The Beginning

They rush because they want to feel like they’re over their ex.

#2. Then Things Get Stagnant

This is when, after a lot of rushing, they’ll find themselves in a place where they are not sure of their feelings towards you and their ex is still on their mind in one way or another. This will manifest as them slowly pulling away in some form and creating distance between you two.

Plans will be postponed, promises broken and words will begin to amount to nothing.

Needless to say, this can be an incredibly confusing, often painful period. Relationships are an opportunity for two people to expand — and if you’re in a stagnant relationship where you’re not getting any closer, you’ll sense it.

#3. Exes Come Up In Conversations Often

At first, you might ignore it. But soon enough you’ll find yourself in more and more conversations about their ex and the past relationship.

While many of us may be inclined to take up the healer role and be someone’s savior, it shouldn’t be to the extent that it starts to drain you.

Unless past relationships naturally come up in conversations, you shouldn’t really be talking about exes all that much anyway. You shouldn’t have to feel like your partner’s therapist and/or savior.

#4. Part Of Them Feels Out Of Reach

You feel like they’re holding back in some way. You may even feel like they’re wearing a mask at times, but you just can’t be sure.

You can’t force someone to be more emotionally invested. They will only pretend, to make you believe that they are.

They might have issues with opening up due to past traumas, but if they’re actively avoiding opening up to you then they may have someone else on their mind. You shouldn’t have to work hard to earn your partner’s vulnerability.

#5. Something Just Feels Off

When your partner is consumed by thoughts of someone else, it means they are not whole themselves and they are not in a place to fully love.

Meaning, they are just not emotionally available. And you deserve someone who is. You deserve someone who is not obsessed with someone else.

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